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I am a woman of extraordinary passion. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and there is something to be learned from EVERY experience. I am currently on hiatus from studying Chinese Medicine I am also a Holistic Health Therapist. Currently considering going back to school and studying to be a medical assistant / psychologist / nurse / midwife / social worker? I have a passion for dance, it's what makes me feel free.

Oh yeah and pitbull advocate. My dog is awesome!

I'm a polyamourous, kinky, bisexual. AND, The constant revolutionary punk-rock tree-hugger.
acupuncture, amusement parks, anime, architecture, art, asatru, asgaard, asl, babes in toyland, ballet, bats, bdsm, belly dancing, bettie page, bikini kill, björk, body jewelry, bondage, boots, breasts, british motorcycles, burlesque, camping, cheng man-ching, chosen family, circus culture, comfort, compassion, computer geeks, connections, corsets, courage, daggers, dancing, dark chocolate, david bowie, dungeons, duran duran, ecology, emma goldman, ethical non-monogamy, exploration, fetish, fire dancing, fire poi, fitness, forests, freedom, games, geeks, greasers, halloween, hawaii, health, heathen, heathenism, hiking, history, honesty, hot rods, hugin and munin, industrial, internet surfing, johnny cash, kilts, lithium picnic, love, mantak chia, mark ryden, massage, massive attack, ministry, motorcycles, mph, music, nail polish, nipples, norton motorcycles, odin, open relationships, organic, organics, orgasms, performance, philosophy, photography, pin-ups, pirates, pit bulls, pitbulls, pleasure, poi, poly, poly lifestyle, polyamory, prince, psychobilly, psychology, pumas, punk, push hands, raw food, reading, renn faire, research, reverend horton heat, rob zombie, rockabilly, rope, sci-fi, science, science fiction, secret places, sensuality, sewing, shibari, silver, skulls, smart drugs, softness, some kind of wonderful, spinning fire, stockings, surgery, sushi, tai chi chuan, taoist sex, tattoo, teeth, texture, the breakfast club, the pixies, thrill kill kult, tim burton, tom waits, tool, touch, travel, triumph motorcycles, truth, utilitarianism, vargus, vegetarian, vinyl, white walls, women's studies, yggdrasil, yoga, ♀♀., ♀♂♀